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Life on Earth ?

As the Children of Man ponder the planet upon which they dwell, the consequences of past and present human choices unfold beneath the clouds.

 With gifts yet to share, mysteries yet to explore--- 


 What  do these    clouds portend?

The Planet
The Arts

   Ever more frequent and intense dire events beset all of Earth's living creatures. What we humans have grown accustomed to, and to depend upon, shakes on quaking ground. Detracted from the light still shining, the forebodings of our experts and our own concerns can easily evoke anxiety, even gloom.  "Will life continue on this planet?"  There is reason to wonder.  That turbulent times are upon us is no longer in question. Nor is the question of how they can be avoided still open. The consequences of our human past and present choices are playing out. The still open question is will any life survive them? 

Why save Life on earth?

While alive in this world, some persons have sought, and found non-material worlds of priceless value beyond even biological life in a body.  With this recognition can come understanding the role this life has played in reaching this awakening. Even the strife, pain, confusion and sorrow, even death itself, alongside this life's beauty and pleasures has played its role in Time, even though time and space itself may be of our own creation. 

 With each rising new day opportunity remains to find, extend and manifest  truth ... Love, here and now in and towards everything and everyone we meet. Here, 'in time', forgiving, atoning, even restoring that which we have mistakenly upset. Miracles happen.  With regained freewill and goodwill, fear is replaced, as darkness simply fades and disappears as the  light dawns. 

Not everyone has yet found and can maintain this assurance, this 'home', wherever, whenever we be. No one can alone, since in reality we are all One. We cannot lose concern over anyone that has not yet returned to this Home.  There is indeed a whole world to save, to illuminate with the light we have found. We may still have future need for it ourselves. The loss of the opportunity for reproduction and sustenance from continued life on the planet indeed has great implications.  What we ourselves have made turns out to be the time and place best suited to find what we think we have lost. The billions of years we have been involved with this that we see and otherwise sense has not been of waste, we shall see, hopefully not too late.

 Is there still time?
It has taken billions of years for life to get where it is.  "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." This may be true, even now, though not obvious to the senses. In this world of appearances and change, it depends on our Seeing. There are yet many things that could be 'better', given clearer sight.

 Great changes still can and do occur outwardly with changes in mind and hearts. It is this fact that even now makes our 'present', either for happy or unhappy results. With understanding what is occurring, and our part in it, changes must, 'will' come about.  The future is willed. There is not only a Flood of water portending now, but a virtual flood of many events brought about by our own choices and volition, though we may not yet be aware of all aspects of this doing.  None of us are only victims, but creators of our worlds.

These events we see falling out around us, are not divine punishment for our choices and actions, but cause and effect consequences. There are still other choices to be made.  Facing straight-on things as they are, discerning from where they sprang, we ask, "What now?"  What is the next move to take?" We can do better. Guilt and condemnation of ourselves and others does not serve us now. 

The rate of change is exponential, and there there is a lag of decades between the time the causes begin to build and the eventual effects unfold. We are told as one example, that what is now occurring stems from choices we made in the 70's, We have yet to begin to see how the radical buildup in C02 in the period between 1970 and now plays out. Standing today the highest it has been in 900,000 years, we are told. Climate change is of course just one of the many rapidly worsening scenarios that are playing out.

The author had a dream in the early 80's in which a man told him that unless those who knew what was occurring did what they knew to do, and could do, that extinction was coming. If this dream was a true one, It could be assumed that at that point it was not too late. About 40 years has elapsed. Too late now? Could be, but as far as I can see. we best be setting to doing what we know and can do, now. 

Will Life survive?

The intent behind this web site is to help explore practicable things we can do now to be prepared for what is sure to come; not to avoid or prevent what is already on it's way. Of course, the measures we take to keep from making the same dire consequences will not be wasted time or effort and will have its positive effects. This however is not the full extent of what is now required. There are events unfolding which few have imagined possible.  What now might appear to be over-kill, going further than necessary, can instead more likely be not enough. What we invest our will and volition towards must also cover these eventualities. 

If life is to continue beyond the culminating period of absolute chaos resulting from our own choices, it must be done while conditions still allow for it. There also needs be new forms and structures for human life readied, suitable and standing for the sustenance of life in the period of restoration of balance. As example, physical structures still standing that have withstood the culminating period and enough knowledge and tools from the past civilization to aide beginning anew.  One advantage will be that there will also be fewer old  obstructions that now would block their manifestation and growth. Ground for the new will be cleared to nourish and build the new. What knowledge, what ideas, what skills talents, and expertise which serves life now and during the extremes, and while restoration occurs must by free choice be applied now by those who understand clearly what is occurring.  Certainly not everyone, or even nearly the majority of persons, will be aware and ready to face the stark realities we now must face and act upon. 

This is the call, to do what we do know, and can do. One man, one Noah is not enough.  It will now take Noah US, answering the call many of us are now hearing.  

Continuing life on earth 

There are many down-to-earth things to be done by many very different persons, not just by and for the rich and well positioned. Now is the time while the sun still shines and conditions still allow for preparations. Now is the time to use what we have in hand, great or small, before even this is taken away. The working conditions are only going to get worse, and quickly.  

Why would anyone say such ominous and threatening things as this? It is not out of fear, but love. Not out of a sense of hopelessness, but engendered action,  accomplishment and from a strong sense of purpose; determining our destiny, not playing victim to it. 

Facing these realities full-on is inspiring, stimulating, purposeful and very rewarding.  The good news is that there always are alternative ways to influence and create what we choose. For certain, not everything beneficial under the sun has yet been tried. There are new ways, even new possible social structures arising to awareness from out of the complexities of our confusing present situations.  

This web-site is not just a call for one's own personal 'survival'  or even our own immediate families, but 'serve I all'.  In reality we are  one, all in this together. What we do for anything we do for, and to ourselves.  Who knows, perhaps we too have need for further opportunity to return to this planet, even though our time here now may be short?  

Countless better ways of doing things. Not Utopian, but better, not even best, yet.  There still are immense reasons to get out of bed each morning while we still can, to do and share what we each have to give, no matter how 'large' or 'small' we might account our offerings, or how others have judged them. 

Life begets LIFE, it sparks, conceives, leavens, expands, grows, extends ... exponentially! We must  be certain now not to discount or underestimate any opportunity, no matter how insignificant it might appear, or the possibilities it holds.  Even a smile.  The Sun still shines, and will keep shining, over the earth. It is not yet over for human and other life on earth, if ... we make it so. 

Small beginnings catch hold. Each adding our own two-sense worth, sharing what we have learned, our insight, talents and skills, fulfilling our hopes, ideals and vision for even a better, beautiful world, inner and outer, making it so.

... for we shall inherit the earth.

Gerald Brittell, editor 

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