Health Care
Increasingly, articles in the media consider the links between diet, the soul, and physical health. A very few years ago, it was considered outright fanaticism by orthodox medicine to even suggest treatment of diseases by diet and natural remedies. Hypocrites' statement about diet being the best medicine had grown out of vogue, it seems.

With a renewed tolerance for preventive and holistic approaches, there is now hope that health rejuvenating programs can be offered to all.  Many "incurable" systemic, chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart problems -- Veggies and Fruits even debilitating arthritis-- can all be seen as resulting from the long term and gradual deterioration of the bodies' built-in capability to maintain it's own health. Given proper nutrition, the avoidance of an overload of harmful substances, and a close look at attitudes, stress, and other factors that can weaken health, invasive treatment of symptoms can be replaced by attention to the body's overall requirements.  Given half a chance, the body has it's own means for healing itself.  In our New Liberty Village online community, plans for a new and novel health care spa are underway, hopefully making the New Liberty Village Hospital obsolete in a short time except perhaps for emergency care.