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What would you do to make things better? 
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As you tour our growing village, you will meet an ever larger variety of persons expressing diverse ideas, experiences, and dreams on how to make things better.  Though New Liberty Village presently exists only in cyber-space, we want to provide impetus and models for practical use in the real world, becoming a free and fun, educational, online school of living. We encourage all visitors to participate in this online community by contributing their own hard-earned insights and knowledge. 

Lately, the word liberty has received a bad rap.  Its use has even come to suggest narrow-mindedness and conservative closed systems. This online village is not a cult, and our intention is to provide a forum for a very wide spectrum of opinions and information.  Diversity of ideas, not uniformity, is valued here.  Freedom of thought and belief lies behind the choice of our name.  New and better ways of doing things is our goal.

Do you know methods and tools for making life better, easier, and more productive? If the present supply systems were no longer available, what kind of house would you build?  How would you earn your livelihood? How would you grow your own food and educate your children? Have you discovered ways to improve your health?  How can we coexist with the other living inhabitants of the earth, sharing it's abundance in sustainable ways?  What would you do if you could make a new society or an intentional community?  What we can first imagine, we can set out to do. 
Pipe dreams can become realities.  If you have already put your ideas to good use, would you share them with us and the world?

There are here several ways to express your ideas of how to make things better.  One is to build a Homesite in New Liberty Village. You may e-mail us images, descriptions of what you would like your page or pages to look like, and any textual information you wish to share.  Upon request, your publications will be added to, edited, or removed.  You may use either your real name or a handle.  NLV Homesites are a free service of New Liberty Village volunteers.  More details can be found at Villager's Homesites.  If you have already published your ideas on the web, send us a URL and we will consider providing a direct link.  Keep in mind, please, this site is meant to be strictly educational, and non-commercial in nature.  Everything you see is given in the spirit of a totally free donation or gift.  Take what you want, give in return what you will.

There are many aspects to New Liberty Village life.  Under our new format, each area of life will begin as a blank page. Feel free to contribute to any topic of interest to you, sending links, articles, or participating in the discussion group devoted to a particular topic.  The New Liberty Village General Topic Discussion Group is a good place to begin, a place to meet others and to introduce yourself and your own interests. 

In our "I Believe...." discussion group, opportunity is given for anyone to express their philosophical or religious beliefs. The Dreams and Visions pages contain personal experiences that have had special meaning to visitors.  Your own contributions are welcomed.

We are open to most any idea, seriously presented. Our efforts will be directed to trying to understand each other's points of view. The ideas and suggestions must stand or fall on their own merits.  Can we expand our horizons beyond our own narrow perspectives?  We hope your visit to New Liberty Village inclines you to return often to see the changes you and other visitors have made.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land
 unto all the inhabitants thereof.

Lev.xxv, x

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