The  I-Beam Development Company (a cyber reality only) is one of several New Liberty's privately owned non-profit organizations dedicated to aiding individuals discover and develop their talents. It is incorporated as a non-profit organization and governed by a board of trustees. It has no government funding nor regulation, except for the standard non-profit organization restrictions and guidelines.

The desires, aspirations and talents of applicants seeking occupations towards which to apply their energies, are first determined through interviews and testing by trained counselors.  Training opportunities for the individual are explored, and introductions made to persons and situations that might prove mutually beneficial to all.  Because the effects on lives, and the society these lives are lived in, can be profound, the Board of Trustees, and the associates take their responsibilities very seriously. To date, many persons involved in the daily economic ventures one sees in New Liberty Village, voluntarily chose to participate in such programs, and many ventures, such as the New Day Cafe, are now owned and operated by our clients.

The Mission of I BEAM Development Company

It is important that each person learns to examine his or her own desires and longings, and ascertain what activities gives one joy and encouragement. Likewise, it is important to know what it is that leaves us dissatisfied, and longing for something else. Doing activites with one's hands and mind, while one's heart longs to be doing something else proves destructive, particularly over a long period of time. Frustration and bitterness, and eventually, inertia and lethargy, often results.  Many persons we meet, live in these states of consciousness throughout all their years.  Never to "find one's bliss" has to be one of the most unfortunate and painful events in a human life.

Instead of finding or making the opportunities to express one's individual propensities and talents to the fullest, our present industrial economy and governments only encourage us to use our energies to obtain as many material goods as possible.  Prestige, success, and power is judged by how much we can buy or produce for our economic well being. These are strong forces, bombarding every man, woman, and child, from birth to deathbed. To serve these ends, our very lives are often channeled into becoming mechanistic, non-living things, even a commodity, to be bought and sold along side other "things".  To go against this powerful current can bring about strong reactions in those around us, even the closest friends and relatives, to say nothing of strangers, or those who would have dominion over our identities at work and leisure activities. Our staff endeavors to aid individuals find enlivened, inspired directions to from which to choose.

Not only the individual participants' well being and fulfillment, but the welfare of the community at large is considered and strengthened through our talent development organization.  The stronger the individuals, and the more channels they have through which they can contribute their energies, the stronger the community.

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