A Villager's contributions, a page or even pages) introduces your ideas and dreams on how to make things better to New Liberty Village visitors, and to anyone to whom you choose to give the URL address.  If you wish to use your actual name, you may, or you can use a handle.  No membership or subscription is necessary, and there is no charge for this service.  Your material will be edited, added to, or removed upon your e-mail request at any time. 

This is strictly a
free, non-commercial, educational opportunity, intended to encourage an on-line community of persons seeking an outlet for expression of their own ideas and dreams.   It is hoped that individuals will participate in the discussion groups of the Village, and in the development of the site in anyway they choose, but this is not a condition for publication in the site. 

We place no premium on everyone thinking alike.  Most any viewpoint, sincerely offered, will be considered for publication if it is pertinant to the topics addresses on this website.  NLV is not an on-line cult ... encouragement of individuality and originality is one of it's primary missions!  If you have something to say about how our world, and our lives together, can be improved, please consider this offer. 

You need only tell us what you wish to appear on your dedicated pages. Volunteers will follow your suggestions as closely as possible, and update your pages anytime you request.  If you want to publish a personal description, your interests, occupation, etc. send an E-MAIL, .  Plans and drawings of tools and alternative shelter, artistic works, midi files, images or photo's may also be submitted: either attach them to an E-MAIL, give us an image URL, or request a snail mail address to which you can send materials, or photos to to be scanned.

If you wish to volunteer your services to this site's development in any way, please let us know. It is intended to be a community project.

Anyone is invited to post comments to the several discussion groups included in the site.   One does not have to have his or her own separate pages to participate in the online community in this way. Please  E-MAIL your comments, replies or questions, making sure to specify where you want your material to be posted.

The Inevitable Disclaimer:
We reserve the right of refusal of publication for any material sent to us. In line with the strictly non-commercial character of NLV, contributions must impart information and opinions, not an advertisement for a product or service. NLV takes no responsibility in any form for any transactions with the
authors of personal pages, or the validity or safety of any information included in any submitted material, or any subsequent event resulting from it's use. The views expressed in this website are those of it's authors, and do not necessarily represent those of any other New Liberty Village participant, or the web-managers of the New Liberty Village website.


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Send descriptions, attachments (image files, clipart etc.) to web-manager at liberty@kaballero.com