This forum is included to allow those who wish to share their own insights and gleanings on the way things are, and what the future might bring.  Being true to the principle that everyone has the freedom to believe and think whatever he/she might choose, no one is asked to accept anyone else's vision without question, but to seek one's own.

Dreams may be of many types, whether they be inner longings, daydreams, or night dreams.  It can be helpful to see all aspects of a dream as parts of ourselves coming to expression, rather than necessarily foretellers of the future. Dreams are very personal, and most often we can help determine how and whether they come true. 

Dreams and visions can offer motivation to make the most of our present time as warnings or inspiration.  At the least, they can serve to help us be grateful for the peace and well being we still have, and the opportunity to set things right.

Living the best we can in the present, that we might be better prepared for any event, is good advice....If our dreams prove to be only phantasms of sleeping minds, we will have profited from them, no matter the future. Those visions we wish to see come true, we can do

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January 8,2001
Subject: Dreams andVisions

One day, I was standing in front of a magazine rack stand, and for days I had been seeing all these stories about romance, and was wondering what the smattering off stories were all about, and to be honest, I had enough of it  I wanted to see a good old fashioned story for a change, without all the "goop".  It seemed a far less related topic form me at the time, but then, in that moment, I had found myself wondering, if I would ever find true love, the way the stories would have it, then, I noticed it all kind of went, hazy for a second, but I was still "there"  I remember giving out a great sigh, and it was really just a thought, a moment in time, like the impressionists say.  But then it happened.  I was standing right in front of the magazine area, staring across from the comics and such, and then as I watched amazed, I saw a hole open up kind of like rolled back, like the vision in the discussion earlier, except the whole stand stayed where it was at, only a hole the size of maybe a grapefruit opened up, and I saw a young blond man sitting at a desk, from a second story window, dressed in a blue (I think) sky blue sweater, and blue jeans looking out the window, I was only able to see the profile. I thought I was nuts.  I looked down the aisle, to see if someone else was seeing this, and the person down the way just looked at me and turned right back to what he was doing.  The world was still there in place.  Nobody seemed to notice anything amiss, except for me that is!  I was beside myself.  I looked back where it was, and it was still there.  So I looked harder.  I felt it was summer time, and possibly California.  (I was overseas at the time)  I knew the grounds of where I was at, it certainly wasn't where I was at.  Presently, things went back to normal, the hole in the comic books disappeared, and I remember thinking, I'll NEVER be able to tell this to my mother, she'd send me in for psychiatric treatment!  In a family that valued education and science, this was an aberration of reason, and certainly something to Hide.  I was a pre-teen at the time.  Now, it's been a few years, and I now live in California, (a choice I had no control over at the time) I find myself wondering.  It had been a vision, or whole in time, that had effected me greatly, and still does.  I have never had anything like this exactly happen since, though at the time, I wondered what would happen the next time I had a visit to the stand.    I have fond memories of this place. I have stayed young at heart, perhaps this vision is why I still like the comics, and still believe that children should believe in fairies, and st. nick, and love mermaids.  I am especially fond of magazines.  I felt the timing of what I was thinking was key, because I honestly can't explain why I thought of a young man, and I even searched my psyche for any movies I had seen, that may have contributed to it.  Remember I was overseas.  There were none.  And I don't remember anyone blond.  Well, the lady who saw the ceiling "roll back" I think I can relate, I dislike bunching it together so, because the content is so different, and would never think to intrude on reverie, but I do think, that the parts are perhaps similar, on one point.  "Rolling back" is a good way to describe the way the hole opened.  Nowadays, you see it all the time in the movies, but back then, it was unheard of in cinematography.  Crazy as it may seem, I still can't get over it's effects. I've seen angels, (they've healed me-twice, I'm awful fond of them for that), ghosts (those are always a surprise to see-not all the time pleasant-they always tend to surprise/startle me), and my older brother (that has passed) watching over me while I sleep (that was a true comfort-he brought me an unprecedented period that heralded a great time of joy and happiness in my life), I've had some prophetic dreams, and seen some things (as visions) that later really happened. Although after I had them, I decided to forget them for a  while, just for peace of mind. That includes the 'hole' incident.  So I guess I can say, that these dreams and things will come back to you, even if you think that you've lost them.  Mine have come back it seems with a vengeance.. they seem to have become stronger than ever.  So I can honestly say, that if you're wondering, and you think you've lost it for good, they're still there.  They never went away.  I started to wonder and ask myself why things like this happened to me, and I've so far come up with the conclusion, that I'm meant to help people, with whatever.  So feel free, to contact me with anything.  Suzan

October 24,2000

Jerry B 
Subject: Mother Ship?

My one and only 'space craft' dream (at least remembered):

I am in a very large, cigar shaped, metallic colored, 'Ship',
quietly whooshing through outer space. I am in the hallway with a
man who is showing me around. In the course of the tour, we enter
twelve huge compartments, one after another. In each room
are men and women, all masters of different areas of life. They
are intently, but friendlily, working on their projects which
I understand are going to be installed when they arrive at
the ship's destination.

There is a room with all manner of equipment, books and persons
who understand all there is to know about agriculture and the
culture of plants for food production and shelter.  Another room is
filled with masters of medicine, health, and the living body.
Another, concerned about social forms, groups and
government. One room (of which I now have the most vivid memory) is
a giant hall with a stage, live musicians and singers, and perhaps fifty 
dancers, male and female, all naked, with differently colored skin.
They did the most incredibly beautiful creative dances, to the most
unimaginably beautiful music and song.

I am getting more and more over-whelmed, wondering to myself what
am I doing here, and why is he taking the time to show this to me,
of all people. As we near the end of the hall at the front
of the ship, I see a small door. The guide indicates to me to open it. 
Being 6'5" tall, I stoop to stick my head through it, and I look in.
There are banks of electrical equipment and computers as high as
I can see, all  around the room. I think, "Oh no, am I going to
have to learn everything one would have to know to keep this
functioning? I feel sick to my stomach, pulling the door closed.
The guide stands there, smiling at me, and says,
"Well ... you got the program."  I awaken.

I was more than a little taken aback, when I dressed and went to
work a few minutes later as a $3.00/hr cabinet maker.

A footnote to this was that several months later when my wife and
I traveled to the east coast from Salem, Oregon, where I had the
dream, we stayed with some long-time friends in Virginia Beach.
Soon after arriving, Lennie said, "I have to tell
you a dream I had last night. A huge silver, cigar shaped
spaceship crashed in our neighborhood." She had not heard my
dream. You haven't happened to come across any dazed, bruised,
and lost Masters of the universe, by any chance?  I got this idea
.......     :-)    Jerry B

August 26, 1999
The Fire of God
Isaac D,

This is one of many dreams I have yet to write. But we will start with the dream I had back in 1996.

I was in my old church that I used to go to, in my pastor's van, looking out of the window when all of a sudden I seen several balls of fire falling upon the earth. Then I heard like in the background what I thought to be a radio broadcast, and I heard Philadelphia, I immediately thought that the city was being hit. Then all of a sudden I seen a wall of fire coming to me so fast then I immediately woke up.

What I know God is telling me about this dream is the balls of fire are representing his anointing falling upon the earth. And Philadelphia represents the faithful church in Rev.3:7-13. The wall of fire represents Rev.7:10 "Because You have kept my command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth". That wall of fire is that trail & testing but God will bring us through that fire just like he did with Shadrach, Meshach,& Abed-Nego.

August 12,1999
Frances (Grannyof20),

I will not leave you comfortless.... That scripture became alive to me. I was 35 years old with 4 young children at home and my husband age 37 was in open heart surgery. I was alone in the hospital waiting room and had been there for 5 hours. All of a sudden a trumpet sounded that brought me to attention. The ceilings of the hospital rolled back and I saw something much like an escalator and on it I saw my husband, perfectly whole and smiling, and Jesus standing beside him. The escalator slowly ascended until they were out of sight. The ceilings rolled back into place and the phone rang. It was the surgeon. He said "I am so sorry - we lost him". I will always be grateful that God allowed me to see him go and had shown me that he was completely well and happy. I was not left to the terrible message from the Dr. but was shown the good message first. That was so long ago and my children are grandparents now but I will never forget how good God was to me!

I could never ever wish my husband back in his earthly body. He is not dead. He just went on ahead of me because his earthly body broke and was no longer habitable. He has a new body, as will I very soon. Thanks be to God.

August 8, 1999

For a few years I have had this feeling that something unpleasant is going to happen. Something that will require survival. From then on I have been looking around trying to figure out what could possibly require the knowledge, specifically herbal cures and woods living to live. At times I've asked myself if I wasn't crazy wanting to know the more natural ways of collecting rain water and putting together shelter and growing foods. Especially since its such arcane knowledge and will have absolutely no practical application in the work area. I don't know what's driving me but I know it would be better to know what knowledge I do than not.

I do have a dream though. It starts with each person. To take only what they need to live and give back what they make. Ask your-self what do you REALLY need besides a shelter, food, and friendship? Everything else is excess to take up time.

January 17, 1998 
A Wish, My Dream 
Room, space and time, for each one of us to develop the deep dreams in each one's heart.  A global community of people who share our skills to provide peace, freedom, "welfare", to every living thing on earth.   Aquilino Mayo 

February 1, 1998 
33 Words 
Jerry B

An acquaintance of mine, undergoing a period of prayer and fasting, had a very vivid dream one night. In the dream, an angel told her she was about to be given 33 words that are the key to everything. Upon awakening, she was told, she would remember them clearly, exactly as stated, and that she was to write them down, along with the "say aloud" instructions. She was then to give them to the first person she met. In the morning she awoke, wrote the words down, dressed, and went out from her apartment. She saw a man walking on the sidewalk across the street from her, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. As she walked towards him, he also walked across the street towards her. When they met, he handed her a piece of paper as she handed him her own. They both opened the pages that read:

In Our Name of Jesus Thee Christ
We Command All Forces of Darkness
And All Unclean Spirits Out of Our Homes
And Out of Our Bodies

In Our Name of Jesus Thee Christ  

Say aloud four times without interruption

They both had had the exact same dream, with the same instructions.                   

A dream of my own:

During a turbulent period of my life I had this dream:
I am being pulled on a moving, large, flat, bandwagon with fellow employees from a Mental Health Services Clinic. The wagon lurches heavily when it hits some bumps, and I roll off onto the road. Tired and shaken, I crawl to the edge, pull myself up a hill, and sit leaning against a tree. I feel utterly discouraged and exhausted, and begin to pray anxiously "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus", my forehead furrowed, and eye-lids tightly closed, trying hard to see him, but failing.  I continue this for some time to no avail.  Finally I give up, and open my eyes.

I see before me a panoramic view with a smog covered, gray city with skyscrapers, fume spewing automobiles, and crowded streets and thoroughfares. One of these highways leads out of the city, through residential sections, into the country, then finally turning into a dirt road that leads into a meadow by a green forest, with deer and squirrels, clear blue skies, and healthy air to breathe. A loud and melodious voice thunders a deeply reverberating word .... "E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G".     I awaken.    Jerry B.

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May7, 1999
A Time of Turmoil
a friend

Over twenty five years ago, I had a night dream where a man explained to me, as I saw images unfold, that things were going to get very bad, indeed, in about any quarter of which one could think.   If such economic, social, and earth changes do occur, it will not be a surprise to me.  I could wish I were better prepared inwardly and outwardly .... luckily there is still a new day ahead, each morning, and a place to lay down peacefully each night. This is already not so for millions of persons. I feel uncomfortable, knowing I am not doing all I could be doing with what I have. I pray to see clearer, and be what I can be, in order to act more productively. I desire this for myself, and anyone who senses a better Way than what, together, we have made for ourselves. 

This dream ended by the man saying that it was completely up to those of us who have found some Answers, and Live and share them, for there to even be human life left on earth beyond this time of chaos.  Doing one's best at any given time is all one can do, and help is always available when we truly ask for it.   a friend

March 31, 2000
What Is A Dream?

I am a writer, it is a passion, not just a career choice. I am a dreamer. I live my life in reality, but everything I am as a human and a soul, is wrapped in my words and imagination. So, I was asked to write something about dreams, and thought, 'Sure, I can do that. I can write about anything.' And, then it hit me, suddenly, the task seemed a little more difficult... Write about dreams? Dreams? What kind? In what context? What a can of worms!

So what is a dream? Am I to write about the sleeping dream? Like nightmares and fairytales that I have had throughout my life. A moment in my day, repeated, altered by my subconscious mind? Like seeing a friend who I saw that day, become, in a dream the same night, a hero or villain in a movie replaying in my mind. Or a moment of decision I'd had one day, running scenarios of what went wrong or possible consequences I hadn't realized at that moment in time. My subconscious' playing field to work out things that had flicked into and out of my thoughts so quickly, it didn't even register. The nightmares brought by my fears and doubts, playing out an emotional story using real people I've known to act out strange roles. My and others quirks and personalities I've become accustomed to becoming fodder to my mind's ingenious tricks throughout my sleep.

I sometimes can remember my sleeping dreams, though, often they are forgotten as reality pours in with the morning light. A nightmare tends to linger for a few minutes longer. And, then there are my favorites, those of the sexual nature... I do enjoy them. And those, I try to hold onto by lingering in bed a little longer, refusing to open my eyes, to try to slip back inside. But, alas, a sleeping dream once lost is difficult to recapture. We've all tried. I've found that it is often altered if you do manage to fall back into it, from a half wakened state, content and characters become distorted, or another cast of characters take the stage before your eyes, or the mood shifts into nightmare or bizarre comedy, or another dream wrangles in to make it altogether different.

Or am I to write about the kinds of dreams some people wrap themselves into, living their lives by... The premonitions. The dreams waking and sleeping that seem to foretell an event... Sometimes, without realizing until that particular scenario plays out in reality and feeling that undeniable, and sometimes uncomfortable, "deja vu" (or as some call it the feeling of "being in this moment before". When I was a child I had those dreams, even used them as a part of my life, refusing to make a decision until the dreams would foretell the outcome of choice. Mine took the form of the person involved simply seen smiling (which came to me to mean they could be taken on faith "they were not hiding something, what you see is what you get", so I could trust them), or I'd see them in an active scene a hero or villain or just replaying an event in some alternate way (which I came to accept was the self they were trying to hide--like a seemingly friendly person, in a dream screaming or attacking or laughing at me, thereby telling me the true person they were). I was dependant on those dreams for a good many years, but, as I grew I started to ignore them, or not wait for them (for they often took days to come), and go ahead without their influence. Gradually I lost the ability. Was a gift? A supernatural channel that is cosmic? Or a part of the mind that must be fostered (a part of the percentage of brain capacity that science says isn't used) or will be lost? I do not claim to know where it came from, but it has left me, and now I would like to have it back.

Then there are the waking dreams, called daydreams or "zoning out" by some young people. Those are strange and take different paths, suddenly seeing something in front of you vanish for an instant replaced by something different, then returned to normal vision within a moment. Or something out of the corner of your eye is mistaken by the mind, and imagined by some familiar snippet of the sight to be something completely different. Like a white blur that appeared only a second out of the corner of your range of vision... So you think it must be your white cat that was sitting beside you a moment ago, and barely think anything of it... Until you look down and see the cat is still sitting in the same place fast asleep. Then you must investigate to see what had caught your attention. Or the play of shadows against a wall can create a moment's distraction... Like the big one on the left with the round top, that looks like a man, or the one on the right that looks like an elephant...

Then there are dreams we see for ourselves, those we call aspirations... The possibilities of what our lives could be, if only... They are the "brass rings" we search for and keep just beyond reach. The things we would love to do, and hope for catching the image of that thing at some point, in the future. Those can be so varied they are hard to capture, because they can change from moment to moment. 

I dreamed of writing, still do in fact. Though, sometimes I wanted to write best selling novels, or movie scripts, or even a television episode. Then for a while, it was my own magazine, a newspaper column, an article, a letter. Whatever form the dream took that seemed more  realistic. And the dreams alter and merge. I like to create, to draw and design too. I wanted to design a city, a house, an outfit, a window. Maybe architecture, landscaping, interior design, or a simple floral arrangement. Or, wow, how about a website of my very own, a children's book, an advertisement, a sketch. But, then, it doesn't matter. As long as it is something I love, I strive to follow the path that's before me. That brass ring I search for is too far out of reach, but no matter how many changes it goes through, it's still within my sights. I reach for it, and may even touch it a little, get some piece of the dream fulfilled, but it is what drives me ever onward. I need those dreams.

Okay, how about the dreams, we know we will never find... The dreams of an alternate reality. The visions of fancy we take in our hearts, to visit other worlds, or travel in time, silly, superficial, and unrealistic... benign. Those dreams we imagined once and carry through life. A memory from childhood, we keep close in mind. We were all taught of fancy, the fairytales and lore, legends of other things long gone or never found. The dreams of magic and what we can't see of fairies and elves, of Santa and the Easter bunny. We have nothing to prove any of it, and though some things we faithfully hold onto, others we dismiss because we know they are not real. But we remember them, as with childhood, or use them to drive us on.

I know little of sorcery and supernatural forces, wizards and witches, crystals and such. I am told they are stories passed down through the years warped descriptions of what people couldn't understand. I count on my senses, and realize they can be wrong, but they are all I have. So, I must incorporate every new thing I learn about into what I know, in order to catalog everything into what I believe in and what is folly or error, or simply wishes... The dreams we imagine could be true, and hope for.

So, to write of dreams, it is a difficult task. For what kind of dream can make it a different thing. It comes down to the context of the discussion, the forum it is used for. All dreams are necessary and very human. None of them are right or wrong, they just are. And we need them. Besides, they can all be quite fun.  Thia


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