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'Noah Us'  ~  Our Call
Visitors to this new forum are encouraged to share their vision, knowledge, expertise and wisdom deemed relevant and useful in determining that as much life as possible survives the extreme events already assailing the planet.  Please consider submitting  your own contributions of content for review and potential selection for publication on this website. Tell us about yourself,  your talents and interests, what you would like to express and manifest towards this end. 

Submit  your thoughts and knowledge 

Any content agreed upon to be published here will be removed or edited by contributors' requests. The editors of this website also reserve the right to remove submitted material sent to  us at anytime. 

It will not be published anywhere else by us  without the contributor's written authorization. Please do not send copyrighted material or ideas or inventions that you might one day want to patent. Any novel idea published before applying for a patent voids future claims for novelty of invention.  

It should be understood by the submitter that any views expressed can openly be discussed by participants in this endeavor.  Everyone thinking alike is NOT one of our goals.   Other ways of 'sharing' include use of the Comments blocks, and participation in the new mailing list

Please Note: All statements and advice contributed to this site are to be considered as the views of the individual author and do not necessarily reflect the views of this organization, it's staff, or other contributors to the site.  Any use or action taken is the sole choice and responsibility of the reader, not the individual expressing their views, nor Noaus for publishing them. This is done without charge, and as a free service.  Noaus is a strictly educational endeavor.  Free and voluntary contributions are indeed accepted.

What do we each know to do, and can do, towards continued Life on Planet Earth ?

Current Contributions to Noaus.Org Website

    Donna and Kevin's    EarthStar 
Creative Simplicity Website     The entire ARCHIVE  

Independent Living
Keyword Topics ~ Simple Living, Food, Shelter, Vision, Arts             

The New Pilgrim
: Guidebook to Simplicity.
Self-Reliance & Stress-Free Living
by Kevin and Donna 

THE BOOK ~~ free to read, and download 

Key Word Topics ~ Self Reliance, Vision, Music, Survival, Food, Shelter, Health, Society,.Sprouting, Sourdough Bread, Recipes, ...  Life  
E V E R Y T H I N G  by Gerald Alan Brittell
,,, some dreams, reflections, and a vision or two
Keyword Topics ! Dreams, Visions  Spirituality  

 Aural Expressions 432Hz   by Leewillie Tunesmith.  432Hz tuned stringed instrumentals offered for free online listening and downloading, 
anywhere and any time tuning into healthy, healing vibes and 
music is most helpful.   
"Priceless"  Listen.  

The Arts


Keyword Topics ~ The Arts, Healing, Guitar, Meditation Music  
 Liberty Homes 
Earth Formed
  ~   Earth Sheltered
A new way to build and live in the Earth 
Keyword Topics   Shelter, Survival, Food, Water, Family  
New Liberty Village
Living Together 
  Spiritual Life / Rights Life / Economic Life
Keyword Topics ~ Community, Spiritual/Cultural Life - Rights Life - Economic Life  
Your 'Vision' Here? How Do You See It Happyning?    SHARE Your Talents?
  What is it we know to do, and can do, and share about these topics?  Animals
    Rights Life
    I Believe ....
    Serve I All