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         The surface soils of the earth have long provided comfort and protection to countless numbers of living creatures. We humans have been late in taking full advantage of this gift.  From the looks, sounds and feel of it, I think we now have every reason on earth to  do so.  

     Today’s headlines need not be repeated here: everyone is hearing the reports and experiencing first-hand, more frequent and intense threatening events, some of which we have not heard of before. In any direction we choose to look throughout the entire world, mankind has created unsafe conditions in which to live, taking all other life forms along with us. Most aspects of survival upon which we have become dependant are already imperiled, especially the vulnerable, exposed structures in which we spend most of our time. 

     Maintaining conditions conducive to life in these buildings has been, and still remains, a major cause of the very real perils that now assail us. Radical climate change is for real. The emissions of burning carbon based fuels in the production of materials and the construction process itself, then the heating and cooling of the living spaces for years after they are built still requires a huge proportion of the energy output of every nation. 

     Extremes of temperature, the destructive power of storms that blow, the fires that burn, and even threats of blasts and nuclear radiation, all pass over without damage to habitats sheltered with earth. Even expected 'natural' events such as earthquakes and floods which knock exposed buildings off of their foundations, can be withstood safely in properly designed homes surrounded by earth.... either bermed above-grade, and partially, or completely, dug underground and covered. 

     With today's knowledge, design, and tools, ancient, time-proven principles and methods again await immediate demonstration and use... not just for humankind's survival, but for other creatures survival as well.  In the past massive extinctions of species, it was the creatures living in earth-sheltered dwellings which survived the turbulent periods. It may well be true this time as well, if life be so fortunate. 

     These earth-formed, earth-sheltered habitats will last through the immediate days ahead, and beyond through the time of renewal. The numerous benefits are a boon for any time, but especially required during this period as the consequences of our past and present choices play out and new choices are made manifest.   

The Method:

     ... shape, sculpt the earth itself, to use as forms to cast an unlimited variety of pleasing, functional, structurally-sound, thin-shelled, concrete buildings, both large and small. Quickly accomplished, either manually, using simple hand tools, and/or powered equipment... by a single person, a family, or a company of persons, easily instructed. No material, besides the soil is required for this form working. 
     ... shoot, pour, or plaster cement over the sculptured earthen forms. After proper setting and curing, excavate the earth from beneath the shell, placing it over and around the structure. 

     ... install a moisture and thermal insulating 'umbrella'  extending over and 20' beyond the structure's perimeter, creating a massive, protected,  earthen heat-storage bank providing spontaneous, year-round, stable and uniform heating and cooling of the living spaces requiring no outside energy supply but that from the Sun. 

     ... cover this protective umbrella itself with earth of sufficient depth to support vegetation.  

Some Models

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