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Earth-formed             LIBERTY HOMES           Earth-sheltered

Some Models

A single family structure w/protected barn

Six intersecting dome dwelling w/sunroom, exercise pool and barn

9,000 sq foot floor space - can sleep 25 short-term

Detail - Light Souce and Top Water Pond  

2 X-Ray Views of 6 intersecting Dome Living Quarters

Interior View - 6-Intersecting dome model

Ex-ray view - Planned Community Project

Single Family Unit with barn, garage, reflecting area 
for Bell power generating greenhouse

Three intersecting dome dwelling w/exercise pool, garage and barns

A ramped Entrance way/Day room

L. R. / Pool Entrance 

Detail - Emergency Entrance/Exit, Observation deck


Earth formed Exercise Pool Pod

The PAHS Concept of John Hait


The broadest picture of this concept is of an entire new school of architecture and its construction: designing and carving out forms in the earth itself for use in casting structures, both large and small, including do-it-yourself projects for very safe and comfortable homes, as well as for planned, village-sized projects and commercial ventures. 

     The method lends itself to single-family units,  not just as  temporary emergency shelter, but immediate protection over the long-term, day and night. The danger and panic of finding and moving to temporary shelter is eliminated, with all survival needs close at hand. 

     Also,  a large variety of multi-use  structures .... work places, commercial stores, barns, storage buildings, even entire planned communities can be so designed and quickly built in unlimited plastic shapes using a minimal amount of processed materials.  And in the least amount of time, and at lowest cost to the builder and  occupants. 
     And also at lowest cost to the environment and the delicate ecosystems of the planet itself. No longer need mankind be the only species upsetting the earth's intricate balances in its creation of habitats. Wide use of this concept can dramatically lessen the amount of carbon emitted in comparison to today's state-of-the art exposed structures. The current practice of replacing buildings being destroyed with the same vulnerability will soon be recognized as futile. Once modeled, the many advantages will sell the concept itself, whether or not conditions continue to deteriorate. Even In the best of conditions this method has numerous benefits to offer over standard practices. 

     In one-fell-swoop, the earth-forming method, provides the form for foundations, all finished interior and exterior surfaces, and many desired accessories as well ... without the high cost of materials and labor of present state-of-the-art form work. 

, only the 'well-off', or ' well-placed' ever expect to build or obtain homes adequate for protection from what is already occurring, let alone predicted to occur. These easily taught methods can easily be documented and distributed for use by large numbers of persons independently or with community support and planning. 

     Even what is standard housing is still only a dream for many. With some social planning, otherwise homeless and/or displaced victims of circumstance and their families can find meaningful activity, and create means to survive the days ahead. 

     Please feel free to comment or ask any questions that comes to mind.  Sketchup 3-D walk-through models are available upon request. 

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