The dream: I am in a huge, cylindrical-shaped, silver-colored 'ship', moving quietly through 'space'.  I walk down the long central hallway with a man giving me a tour, entering one large room after another, perhaps ten or twelve in all.  

      Each room contains a group of men and women, each intently and congenially discussing and sharing their own special expertise and mastery they have gained in a particular area of knowledge crucial to life.  I am given to understand they have been assembled to install their joint project when the ship reaches it's destination, not revealed in the dream. 

      There is a compartment with  persons understanding as much as is known about the biology and culture of plants and their use for food, medicine and shelter.  Another room is occupied with masters of knowledge about health ... bodies, souls and spirit ...  the requirements, how to maintain, and how to restore optimal health.  

      One room contains persons knowledgeable about social structures, community and government.  In other rooms, all the sciences are represented,  masters of theory, technology, engineering and invention. Masters of economics, spiritual development, the realms of soul, the psyche, and higher worlds... representatives of every arena of life have been assembled, are ready to work together at the destination, educating and applying the knowledge and experience they each have gained.

The last room we enter is a large performance hall with an audience and on stage are men, women and children of wide variety of appearance and race, unclothed, dancing to astoundingly beautiful orchestrations of new sounds and colored light such as I have never before experienced. I am moved to tears of gratitude and awe for the communion and talents expressed so perfectly in motion and timing. The theme is the entire unfolding story of creation. Though the program appears to be intricately choreographed and carefully produced in every detail, yet I understand it is not. Each performer is spontaneously, synchronistically playing their part.  None of my words  do nearly adequate justice to this living presentation and it's effects on me.

     As we leave the auditorium, I wonder to myself "Why am I being given the privilege to be shown all this?" The guide leads me to the front of the ship where the hallway ends with a small door in the center of the end-wall. He gestures for me to open the door which I do, having to stoop to enter. 

     Inside the compartment, looming several stories high, I straighten up, awestruck with the surrounding array of computers and equipment stacked to the top.  "Oh no, sickening in my stomach, imagining what I would need now to learn to understand how to operate, maintain and even repair all of this if anything went wrong. 

     I back up through the door, and shaken, ask the smiling guide, "What is my part?"  He laughs reassuringly, and tells me, to my utter surprise,  "You have the program."

      I awaken, and rush about to get off to my $3.50 per hour (1967 wages) job as a cabinet maker in Salem, Oregon.          


Several months later, Kitty, my wife, and I drove across country from Oregon to Virginia with our infant son. When we arrived at our friends' house in Virginia, at their front door, almost the first thing Lennie said to us was,  "I had the most incredible dream last night. A huge, long, silver space ship crashed right over there," pointing  to the neighbor's yard.  "What do you think this could possibly mean?" she asked. 

Have you 'by any chance' had such a dream, perhaps yourself traveling in an intra-dimensional 'Mothership', even one which may have ' crashed' upon arriving here?  Are you also now recollecting what it is you are all about, and what you now have to offer?  I ask, rhetorically speaking, what part can you play helping to create the new life to come? Here or somewhere else, or both? What do you think?

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