The Still Open Question

The Dream

This is a dream I had quite a few years back. Warning ... of a rather disturbing nature, not one easy to forget. I had had many encouraging, enlightening dreams before this. This one occurred at a time when I was asking for guidance as to how I could make best use of my life. It came to me unexpected, and unprepared.

 I am attempting to swim in a crowded, public, swimming pool with little room to move.  On the surrounding deck, persons wildly chase one another, yelling and screaming. Some fight, and some even run across the surface of the pool from one side to the other without getting wet. The heat, the noise, the pushing and shoving become intolerable. I stand up in the pool, and as loud as I can, bellow "Stop! Either swim or get out!" I am surprised as it suddenly becomes quiet, and all but a few exit the park, making it possible for those of us who really want to swim to do so. 

A man walks through the water up to me and looks straight into my eyes, and states my full name, conveying that he knows me well. He turns, and I follow him out of the pool. We appear at his huge rural estate. We tour his large ranch-style brick house, the many barns, storage and equipment sheds, and the huge acreage. "I will show you what is going to happen soon,” he states, “sooner than anyone now thinks possible." He begins describing a large variety of extreme events which I watch as if I were there among among those undergoing the calamities... except for the support I receive from his explanations and presence. This alone provides understanding and assurance required for me not to panic along with them.

He states that these events will continue to increase in frequency and intensity, world-over as I experience ever more destructive and disruptive conditions, culminating in total chaos, devastation and anarchy. He explains that by the time this culminating period begins, all social structures and the sources of supply everyone has come to depend upon, will no longer exist. This period of total chaos will last for three-and-one-half-years. The extreme conditions (some never before seen on earth), the lack of any social order, and the scarcity of materials, now makes any further preparation impossible. He straightforwardly states, "Everyone will go insane." 

He says there is now only one still-open question. At the end of this three-and-one-half year period, will any life still remain on the planet?

With certainty he states the answer to this question is totally dependent on whether or not those of us that understand what is occurring and the possible outcome, choose to do what they know to do, and can do, to see that as much life as possible survives this culminating period. If enough do not do enough, to provide shelter and conditions for life in the midst of all this travail, there will be no remaining life left on Earth at the end of this three-and-one-half year period. 

The question, he said, is not whether or not these events are going to happen... or how they can be prevented from occurring. They are all the direct consequences of human choices and actions, already set in motion. No one can realistically expect that the complex cause-and-effect chains of events created by all humans together, not to play out. Just as they now are already falling out, unavoidable, so will they continue; increasing in rate and intensity, everywhere on earth.

He explains how all humans, together, have by our choices and actions, gradually taken upon ourselves the responsibility and fate of all life on the planet, not only human life. We have made, and continue to make, what we see occurring around us. In the very same way it is now up to us, in very human, down-to-earth ways to determine whether or not all life will become extinct on the planet. 

The answer to whether life remains at the end of this culminating period, and with sufficient means to re-establish and sustain and grow again afterward, he repeatedly emphasizes, is determined by strictly human, down-to-earth choices. "Will those who know what is occurring, and the seriousness of the results, chose to do what they know to do, and can do, to see that life survives? If they do not, the outcome is certain: extinction of all life on the planet."

The answer to this open question, he explained, cannot possibly be known ahead of time, resting on free, voluntary, strictly human volition. If adequate conditions for safety and survival for life is in place and available, the answer will be “Yes”. If not, “No”. 

He specifies several attitudes and discernments required to sufficiently prepare for these otherwise devastating conditions. Without these principles, the correct decisions, the motivation, and spirit will not be sufficient to begin and complete the conditions necessary to live through and beyond this period:

~ It is important that these dire events not be perceived as punishment from God or supernatural beings. 

It is not for us to presently judge whether or not another living being or organism is worthy, or not worthy, of living. If this is attempted, not enough life will be saved. Rather help save all that can be saved, not just what we deem worthy of survival.

All humans have participated in creating these events. The goal is not to just save oneself or one's immediate family, but all life forms, as many and as much as can be saved, all interdependent for survival. Assigning blame and guilt can only hamper and dampen the initiative and good-will required. Without it, failure.

~ The end-result is not only not knowable, it is not Fated, Predetermined, or Predestined. 

To think otherwise destroys motivation. It is we alone who are determining the results by our efforts. Each individual must recognize that it is his or her responsibility as to what to do or  not do that creates the future.   

~ No super being or beings and forces will intervene, prevent, or  influence the consequences of our choices.
Consider what occurs now. The process remains the same.
Who, or what, is now causing, preventing, increasing or decreasing suffering and death? Human beings. By our choices and actions. Assuming or hoping other persons, or beings, will step in and save life on earth  will certainly change the final outcome.  What is required for survival will not happen unless we ourselves do it.

explains why he has not spoken about what needs to be done, or how to do it. This too, he states, is an issue of human choice and volition, according to each individual's powers of discernment and talent, not according to someone else or from outside one’s own being. Just thinking about it, is not enough, but choosing what to do, and doing it according to ones choice, knowledge, experience and ability. 

He takes me to a room where a small group of persons stand together, talking, then turns and leaves. By this time I am thoroughly shaken, feeling at total loss as to what I could possibly say or contribute. They all turn to me, and I timidly state, “I am Gerald Alan Brittell”. There are snickers, and someone says, “Oh no you're not, you are ____ _______”, a man at the time whom I have somewhat adopted  as a guru. When I hear the laughter, I understand I myself have yet few ideas, and goals of my own ... I am not yet ‘my own man’, as the saying goes. 

I awaken.



I had this dream/vision 40 + years ago. I have tried my best not to add nor leave out anything I remember in this telling.

Fortunate for my own sanity, a short time after awakening I had little recall of the details of the many dire events which I saw occurring in the dream. I do however remember more clearly what it was that this man of the dream told me, though the exact phrasing, no doubt, is not identical.

This dream has served every day since as an important backdrop in my life, it was that vivid and convincing. It has given me a more receptive eye for what is required for survival, and a continuing search for possible alternative ways we humans might be able to survive without dependence on our present very vulnerable sources of supply and support..  

I want to hear and see what others are hearing, seeing and doing,  concerning these times. Please feel free to contact me if you are so inclined with any question or comments.  

Gerald Alan Brittell  
February, 2018


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